Our projects have helped businesses improve their performance.
Our work with the client
Task identification
We set a business task in terms of machine learning, compose a technical task and obtain data
Selection of necessary technologies and methods
Statement of the problem and the data allow you to choose a set of necessary technologies for the implementation of the need
Solution implementation
Our employees create a unique problem solving system for each individual client.
Testing and support
The solution is tested in a real situation, if necessary, it is supported.
Text & Transaction Data Analysis
Proof of Concept
Internet User Activity Analysis
Prediction of user interests to increase the conversion of an advertising campaign based on the activity history on the site
Credit Card Transaction Analysis
Construction and analysis of interpreted consumption profiles for personalization of bank products based on purchase history
Proof of Concept
Exploratory Search

Creation of a system of exploratory search for search by meaning and quick orientation in a new area
Message Routing

Creating a routing system and prioritizing calls to increase the efficiency of the contact center
Calls Tagging
Tagging dialogs of the client and the contact center operator to automate the assessment of the quality of customer acquisition channels
Proof of Concept
Scenarios Building & Quality Control
Creating a rubricator of contact center dialogues to automate the construction of dialogue scripts and thematic marking of replicas to control the quality of operators
The system of automated soft hierarchical clustering of contact center dialogues for rubricator balancing
Company Transaction Analysis
Allocation of types of economic activities of companies based on information from payment orders and multiple counterparties
Image & Video Data Analysis
Medical Analysis Classification
Classification of medical image analysis
Proof of Concept
Documents Recognition
Automation of workflow using information recognition from scans and photos of printed documents
Video from Beach Analysis
Detection of people and their movement trajectories on the beach in order to predict dangerous situations
ID's Recognition
Recognition of information from a personal document scan to automate the workflow process
Time Series & IoT Data Analysis
Proof of Concept
Variance Reduction
Reducing the dispersion of indicators of the physical process of iron production
Partners Project
Action Type with Wearable Devices
Recognizing human activity in a data set from a wearable device
Proof of Concept
ECoG Implant and Physical Motion
Prediction of human limb movements according to his ECoG
ECG Diaanostic
Predicting the likelihood of having a disease on a person's ECG signal